Updates and Happenings in Coventry Glenn (Summer 2020)
Updates and Happenings in Coventry Glenn             (Summer 2020)
     As you have observed, many projects are occurring in the community at this time. The board wanted to 
     keep you updated and request your support as we continue to work on the maintenance of the
Roofing Project Updates   
     ** Monday work will  start on the homes at Brower Lane (8-22 Brower Lane and 17-27 Brower Lane).  Please follow information stated in roof letter sent earlier.  If you did not get one please contact Shew Management.
     Reminder to the residents having their roof worked on:
·      Supervisors of the project will wear reflective vests should you have any questions or need to get in or out of the home.
·      If you will be using your vehicle(s) during the days that your roof is being replaced, please have them removed from your garage and/or driveway by 7:00AM.   Avoid bringing your vehicle into the driveway during the day as there are numerous hazards.
·      Be cautious about using your yard soon after work is complete, even though the roofer is doing repeated cleanups.
     Reminder to all residents when the roof work is occurring:
·      Respect the sidewalk closures and inform your kids what the yellow tape means so they know not to walk in that area. The sidewalk closures are for protection of residents and workers and we apologize for any inconvenience, but the sidewalks will be opened each day after work concludes.
·      Drive slowly through the construction area.  Also when possible, please take an alternate route to avoid waiting as the equipment moves in needed supplies.
 Drainage Project – there were areas in the community which were not leveled correctly which lead to poor drainage.  Various drain pipes and landscape leveling was done to help. This project was to occur earlier in the year but was delayed due to COVID.  Therefore the grass was planted later than expected. The board does not expect full turf recovery so plans are to overseed in the Fall to fill it in.  Residents may water common areas near their home if so inclined to help get the grass started, this would be at the owner’s expense.
*Thanks you for your support during this project especially since it was a difficult time during COVID and not being able to have the meetings in order to answer various questions.
Concrete Repairs -  Starting sometime in  July  the various sidewalks and concrete areas in the common areas will be fixed.  It is very important that you avoid going any area that is marked off due to wet concrete.
Thanks for all of your support to make Coventry Glenn such a great community.