Architectural Requests
  • chevron_rightWhen do I need to submit an Architectural Request?
    If you are interested in making any material or costly improvements or replacements to the exterior of your home, you should submit an Architectural Request Form via the Shew Management website to ensure that you are following all rules pertaining to the improvement.  Failure to do so could result in the costly removal of the improvement.  Improvements include, but are not limited to, decks, fences, windows, storm doors, patios, and significant exterior landscaping.
  • chevron_rightWhat should I do if I want to install a fence?
    If you'd like to install a fence, there are specs that need to be followed.  Please see your regulations documents for all the details but some things to note include having a 5' wide gate so that landscapers may enter to mow your lawn, your fence must be 6" from your property lines on either side, you must have 3 sides to your fence- you may not 'connect' to your neighbor's existing fence, the fence must be 3 rails, with white vinyl and should have either green or black wire.  The fence line should also either be maintained by you with a weed wacker, or mulch should be laid so that no grass grows along the fence line.  An Architectural Request form should be submitted via the Shew site and approved by the HOA Board before obtaining any township permits (yes, one is required) or starting installation.
HOA Dues
  • chevron_rightWhat are the 2024 HOA fees?
    Monthly HOA Fee: $165 per month
    Capital Contribution Fee (for new home purchases): $1,000
    Rental Registration (for new rental lease): $100
  • chevron_rightWhat do HOA dues cover and when is my payment due?
    Your HOA dues cover two broad categories - (1) the normal operating expenses of the community, including trash and recycling collection, landscaping (mowing, some mulch and some pruning) and snow removal from common areas, and (2) the reserve fund for replacement of physical infrastructure such as roofs, sidewalks, and playgrounds.  Dues are due on the 1st of the month and are considered late after the 15th.  If you get behind on your dues please contact  us as soon as possible to work out a payment plan. We're more than happy to work with you to get current.
Light Posts
  • chevron_rightWhat are my parking options?
    Parking is limited in the development so it is encouraged that residents use their garages and driveways as much as possible.  There is some overflow parking throughout the development as well.  Parking is not permitted on the streets and police do ticket violators.  Parking on your front lawn is also not permitted.  Finally, storage of an inoperable vehicle (damaged or not holding a current inspection sticker) either in driveway or in overflow parking is not permitted.
Snow Removal
  • chevron_rightWhen does snow get removed?
    Snow must accumulate 2 inches or more before snow removal will begin.  Depending on the expected accumulation, snow removal operations will usually begin after the storm has subsided.  There is a 24 hour window, in most townships, for snow removal on sidewalks. As a homeowner, you are responsible for removing the snow from your sidewalk (a plot plan was provided at time of closing) in a timely fashion.  
    East Coventry Township is responsible for plowing the streets. 
    The HOA has contracted a vendor to remove the snow from common area sidewalks, parking areas and in front of the mailboxes.
Trash Pick-Up
  • chevron_rightTrash, Recycling, Bulk Pickup
    Trash and recycling, in the proper containers, is to be put out no earlier than 4PM the day before trash day. Our trash vendor picks up trash and recycling on Mondays.  Please secure all loose items as the development tends to be prone to gusty winds.
    Once trash and recycling has been picked up, the cans must be promptly brought in from curbside and properly stored before 11 PM.  
    If you are going away on vacation you may not put trash cans out and leave them for the duration of your absence.
    Trash cans may not be stored in front of your garage.
    Items over 24 inches are considered bulk pickup at the expense of the owner and you will need to contact them with a description, size, and weight of the item for pricing, payment, and to arrange a pickup date.  In short, if it doesn’t fit in your bin that week, you will need to arrange bulk pickup.  You can contact AEC by calling their office at 610-574-9612 or emailing them at customerservice@aecearth.com.